Nesanel Mark Describes Attack That Claimed His Father’s Life

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Nesanel Mark is a son of Rav Michoel “Micki” Mark, who was killed on Erev Shabbos in a shooting terror attack. The Bechadrei Chareidim Hebrew website interviewed Nesanel, who described the difficult moments of the attack and recalled memories of his father.

“Friday afternoon everything was calm,” he began. “I was serving my duty as officer of the area near Chevron. Suddenly, we received a call of an incident on Highway 60. I arrived on the scene with my friend and saw a turned-over car with gunshot holes through the walls of the car. I immediately recognized that it was none other than my own family who were the victims of the attack.

“I didn’t dream that I would arrive at the scene of a terror attack and find that we were talking about my family. My father, mother and sister had already been evacuated from the scene by that point, but my brother, Pedaya, was in the process of being loaded onto an ambulance. At that point, I didn’t know what my parents’ and sister’s status were, but while I was sitting with my brother on the way to the hospital, I found out that my father had died and that my mother was seriously injured.”

How is your family coping?

“It’s hard, but there is so much unity amongst us siblings – which strengthens us.”

Nesanel spoke about the non-stop flow of menachamim during the shivah.

“It really strengthens the family members. It’s a great source of achdus that brings Am Yisroel together. ”

Nesanel asked for people to continue to daven for his mother, Chava Rochel bas Ayelet Hashachar and Tehilla bas Chava Rochel.

David Steger – Israel



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