Netanyahu Blasts Back at NY Times’ Tom Friedman


netanyahu1On Erev Shabbos, we posted about an interview with Tom Friedman by Israel’s Channel 2 television in which Friedman claimed that many Americans are fed up with Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office blasted back on Motzoei Shabbos.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on Saturday night in response to Friedman’s assertion that many Americans are becoming “fed up” with Israel, saying that in “complete contrast” to what Friedman said, “American public support for Israel is today almost at record highs.”

Friedman said that while the American public was by no means anti-Israel, they no longer care about the Israeli-Arab conflict and this could eventually hurt Israel’s national security, as the US is Israel’s only friend.

Two recent polls, however, one commissioned by the American Jewish Committee and one by the Emergency Committee for Israel, found support for Israel running high, with the later poll showing that – on the eve of the November midterm elections – 53 percent of Americans said they would be more likely to vote for a pro-Israel candidate, and 54% saying that if they agreed with a candidate on most other issues, they could not vote for him if he were “anti-Israel.”

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  1. Israel is having a terrible identity crisis. If one is a non believer in a creator and Torah Min Hashomayim, then what identifies him as a Yid, and what right does he have to a homeland. Many in Tel Aviv can care less about the Medina. All they want is to be able to walk their dog in peace!

  2. #2 – And Netanyahu doesn’t have an agenda? Israel is in big trouble if the US public is not interested in them. If not for the US public support Israel wouldn’t survive one week.

  3. is tom freidman even relevant except to his ultra left wing radical buddies??? who cares what tom freidman thinks? he is on the wrong side…

  4. #3- Without HASHEMS support none of us would survive one week. Let us all remember not to rely on any ones support we have only HASHEM to rely on!


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