Netanyahu Calls For Direct Elections Against Rival Benny Gantz For PM


Benjamin Netanyahu called for direct elections against political rival and leader of the Blue & White alliance Benny Gantz on Saturday if ongoing talks to form a unity government fail.

“It’s still not too late, but if they don’t come to their senses and set up a national unity government, there is one more thing we can do to prevent an unnecessary Knesset election: A direction election for the premiership between Benny Gantz and myself,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

“Blue & White say that they know what the people want, so I’m all for the people deciding and no one else – including the media,” he added.

Blue & White almost immediately rejected the premier’s offer, calling Netanyahu’s proposal “hollow spin” aimed at distracting from his legal woes.

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  1. Of course they dont want direct elections. Contrary to what the FAKE media is reporting that gantz and the left are in the lead, and thats what the people want, the left know its all shekar-lies and are trying to trick the people into voting (or not going out to vote right) by using the herd theory.. But they are scared to do a direct election-since it is a novelty, many more people will vote and Gantz will lose! Therefore under no circumstances do they want a direct election.

  2. A brilliant calculation by Bibi. In a direct election 50% of the Arabs would likely not directly vote for either and would not fill out card for PM, so that’s effectively a Bibi vote. Lieberman’s voters would likewise faster vote for Bibi than Gantz, and all the right wing fringe parties would too, so the premiership would likely be a safely assured victory. On the other side, a lot of Blue and White voters are really ideologically aligned with the Likud or other parties, and are voting for B&W (which does not really have much of an ideologically distinctive platform as a party aside from no Bibi) just as a vote against Bibi and hopes to topple him. Given the opportunity to vote directly for Gantz, they would vote for a party more aligned with their views. This would fragment B&W and undermine the power they have by being the biggest or second biggest party. The more the seats are distributed and the less stable any individual parties power is, the easier it is to form a government with less concessions, especially since the question of premiership is already decided. Bibi would have his cake of PM and eat it too with a government of his choice. Of course, Gantz and the left will reject this proposition voraciously, which will further indicate weakness on their part. In this war of mind games, Bibi has everything to gain and nothing to lose by pushing such an agenda. A chess player par excellence.

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