Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Withdraw From Golan Heights


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said today that his country will never withdraw from the Golan Heights and the strategic plateau bordering Syria will forever stay in Israeli hands.

In a ceremonial Cabinet meeting in the Golan marking the one-year anniversary of his current government’s formation, Netanyahu said he doubts Syria will ever return to what it was before the devastating civil war that has gripped it for more than five years. He said he would not oppose diplomatic efforts to stabilize Syria so long as they didn’t come at the expense of Israel’s security. Netanyahu added that, regardless, the border would not change and it was time for the world to finally recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan. Read more here.



  1. Now we should be worried: Bibi always lies, and if he says he’ll never give away Golan, he’s probably planning on giving it away.


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