Netanyahu Meets Russia’s Putin, Visits Israeli Technology Exhibit In Moscow

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu met today with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, marking the 25th anniversary of resumed diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Netanyahu met with Putin to discuss implementing previous “understandings” reached during the prime minister’s last trip to Russia in April, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said. Tuesday’s meeting covered issues including the fight against global terror, the Syrian civil war, and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Additionally, Netanyahu participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the “Open a Door to Israel” exhibit at Moscow’s Manege exhibition hall. The exhibit showcases groundbreaking Israeli technology.

“We certainly feel at home,” Netanyahu said. “Israel’s doors are open to Russia and Russia’s doors are open to Israel. We are marking 25 years since the resumption of relations between us, and not only in culture and technology, but in so many other fields as well. All of these things are being shown here in this innovative exhibit.”




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