Netanyahu: Our Hearts Are With Shira And Amichai On The Loss Of Their Four-Day-Old Baby

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At an event on Wednesday Prime Minister Netanyahu offered some words of consolation to Amichai and Shira Ish-Ran upon the death of their four day old child who was born at 30 weeks after his mother was shot in a shooting attack in Ofra.

“Our hearts are with Shira and Amichai on the loss of their four-day-old baby who does not even have a name. These despicable murderers, are the most despicable criminals on earth. The security forces are pursuing the murderers. I hope that there will be news on this soon. We will not rest until we have found them and brought them to justice,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at an event on Wednesday.

The levaya for the child took place at Har Hazeisim earlier tonight.



  1. Netenyahu = Big talk and no action.

    He is too concerned with (a) keeping himself in power, at any cost, and (b) keeping him and his wife out of jail.

    Medinat Yisrael needs a new Prime Minister.


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