Netanyahu Tells French Prime Minister To Organize Direct Israeli-Palestinian Talks

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told French Prime Minister Manuel Valls that he should help organize direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Paris.

“If you really want to help launch peace, then help us launch direct negotiations with [Palestinian Authority President] Mahmoud Abbas,” Netanyahu told Valls, who is on a three-day Middle East trip.

“I’m ready to clear my schedule and fly to Paris tomorrow. Well, I think tomorrow we’re expanding the government, but the day after tomorrow,” he added.

The French government originally proposed holding a summit of about 20 international leaders to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Paris on May 30. The summit, which was postponed to June 3, aims to unveil a new French peace initiative and plan for a larger summit in the fall.

While Abbas has welcomed the French initiative, Netanyahu has opposed the meeting, which does not include Israeli or Palestinian representatives.

“The Palestinian leadership doesn’t see the French initiative as an inducement to compromise, but rather as a way to avoid it. In fact, the Palestinian prime minister, [Rami] Hamdallah, let slip the other day his hope for an imposed timetable, rather than a negotiated peace,” Netanyahu said.




  1. good Bibi – stand up for your rights – all the agreements and accords in the past 50 years call for DIRECT TALKS ONLY

  2. There are many timetables in the world. e.g. On the Christian/Gregorian calender it is the year 2016; Jewish calender 5776; Islamic 1437; Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Red Line – Slowed Down?; Dimona Reactor Repairs?; Global Nuclear Disarmament by 2030?; Heatwaves in Israel; Earthquakes in the Region; Rio 2016 (Postponed for 1 year ?); The Global Zika Pandemic’s Trajectory etc. etc.

    Mark my words…”The Divine Timetable will trump them all”.

    P.S. A Keitz is an appointed time, a pre-designated immutable moment in Jewish history, and through that time some form of redemption MUST occur, even if history has to be turned upside down to bring it about. (Rabbi Winston)


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