Nevada Whistleblower Says He Witnessed Processing Of Illegitimate Votes

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Fox News reported on Saturday that a whistleblower in Nevada swore an affidavit declaring that he witnessed illegitimate processing of ballots as an election worker.

Specifically, the whistleblower claimed to have been instructed to count ballots needing signature verification that lacked the requisite signatures to be eligible.

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    • Of course. What do you think? The watermarked ballots were processed by the military and went straight into the blockchain count which is how we know that Trump immediately won 80% of the public.

  1. The only thing that will help Trump now, is if they found fraudulent ballet stuffing for Biden in ALL the swing states. any thing that’s just a technicality won’t help now

  2. The Trump campaign are 0 – 10 in their lawsuits. They are using this to raise money for the campaign. In the fine print when the Trump campaign asks for money for the lawsuits it says they can also use money to pay campaign debt. Trump continues to harm the integrity of our democracy and elections and gives fodder for world autocrats. We should not accept this behavior or enable it he wil be on the trash heap of history. Transitions are important, shameful.

  3. A lot of suspicious stuff.
    Wisconsin total exceeded pre-voting registration. To get to the total an additional 10% would have needed to register on election day. That’s assuming 100% of registered voters voted. Nationally it was about 70%. SO assuming 70% of registered voters voted, you would need 50% of those already registered additional new registrations on election day. No reasonable person could accept that. Something really smalls here.

    In Pennsylvania, to reach the final victory number, 87% of mail in ballots had to be for Biden. I don’t think you could get 87% of people to agree that the sky is blue. Something really smalls here.

  4. Hmmm. We haven’t heard from the “ever so concerned” Adam Schiff. When some anonymous internet blogger makes any outrageous claim against President Trump, Schiff accepts it hook line and sinker as the gospel. But now we see that when the shoe is pn the other foot, Adam and the boys just laugh it off as some fringe kook.


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