Never Trumper Kasich: Republicans Are In A ‘Coma’

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Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) on Tuesday said that the Republican Party is “in a coma” because of a “willingness to only absorb that that supports what you currently think.”

“I think members of the Republican Party are in a coma right now, is what I think. And at some point they’ll wake up and say, ‘What’s happened?’ ” Kasich said in a piece published by The Washington Post on Tuesday. “And then we’re going to tell them, and they’re going to go, ‘Really?’ ”

Kasich, who is a frequent critic of President Trump, said the GOP is “stumbling around” as a result of “no new really exciting ideas … for a number of years.”

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  1. What new ideas does he want? The country is prospering (including the liberal states who are trying every which what what to mess things up)

    • His ideas of starting the draft, raising the tax on cars with sunroofs, 4th of July can only be on Sunday, 10% tax on shoes over the size of 14.5, more frequent leap years, and calling radios fm/am instead of the traditional am/fm is not going to inspire voters. Stay in Ohio. :45&

  2. If this loser Rino really hated President Trumo and didn’t want him to get elected, he should of bowed out of the race and let Ted Cruz win the nomination. But of course this egomaniac, who only won Ohio, decided to ruin it for others. A total selfish sore loser.

  3. used to be a good guy until his dreams to be president went up in smoke ruined by a guy named trump… shows you how hatred and jealousy ruin an upstanding individual


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