New Faster-Spreading Coronavirus Strain Identified

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A “new variant” of coronavirus has been identified in the UK, which is believed to be causing the faster spread in the South East, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said.

Its spread is growing faster than the existing variant, with over 1,000 cases found, “predominantly in the south of England”, Mr Hancock told the House of Commons this afternoon.

There have been reports of the new variant in 60 local authority areas, and it is believed to be similar to that found in other countries over the last few months.

Mr Hancock told MPs there is currently “nothing to suggest” this variant is more likely to cause serious symptoms, adding that it is highly unlikely that it won’t respond to a vaccine.

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    • Many people unfortunately will. Bubbies, zaidies. People with heart conditions or just fat. People who didnt need to die except because selfish idiots cant wear masks or take precautions. Is there a way to do tshuva for killing others? Not halachically proper to not take care of ourselves usshmartem meod es nafshiseichem, unless your reformed and not a frum jew that believes in mitzvos

  1. I plead with the administrator of this website to encourage everyone to listen to the Doctors! And I plead with everyone due to the situation not to have any Chanukah parties with members of from outside your household. I will quote some words from a lecture that I heard from Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt You should not have a family chanukah party even if everybody takes
    a rapid test. Because rapid tests don”t pickup people with low levels
    of virus. Were so close to getting out of this and the number of people
    that are dying are going up. It would be horrible if somebody died
    because they went to a Chanukah party when maybe in two or three
    months they’ll be vaccinated and could have another 20 30 40 years of

    • Wow. So there is no longer any gezairas on Rosh Hashana anymore. Wear a mask – live. Don’t wear a mask – die. We really should cancel yomim noraim and all those silly tefillos. Just like the shidduch crisis, things got so bad, even g-d can’t help at this point.


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