New Vaad Hatzedakos Established in Cleveland

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Under the guidance of the Vaad HaRabbanim of Cleveland, Agudath Israel of Cleveland recently established a Vaad Hatzedakos to assist the community as well as the fundraisers who come to Cleveland to solicit donations. The goal of the Vaad Hatzedakos is to give community members a high degree of confidence and comfort regarding the fundraisers who come to their doors and provide greater support to those truly in need.

The Vaad Hatzedakos will follow the model used in multiple cities across North America. This model leverages an existing database developed in Lakewood, New Jersey. The fundraisers are researched via a database administrator’s network of 300+ contacts across Israel. The information collected is then uploaded to the database.

Every fundraiser will be encouraged to apply to the Vaad Hatzedakos for a certificate. The director of the Vaad Hatzedakos, Rabbi Zev Meisels, will conduct the necessary background research, and provide a laminated, signed and sealed certificate with a photo ID if approved.

The first certificates have already been distributed. The Vaad requested that the community to be patient with fundraisers, as not all fundraisers are aware of the new system.



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