News Times Square Billboard Blasts AOC For Her Role In Amazon Pulling Their H2 Plans From NYC

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The Job Creators Network (JCN), a conservative advocacy group, placed a billboard in New York’s Times Square on Wednesday, slamming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for Amazon’s recent decision to pull out of building a second headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.

“25,000 lost NYC jobs, $4 billion in lost wages, $12 billion in lost economic activity for NY,” the billboard, located on 42nd Street near 8th Avenue, read. “Thanks for nothing, AOC!”

“The Amazon pullout is a perfect example of what we’ve been saying: socialism takes and capitalism creates,” Alfredo Ortiz, JCN’s President and CEO, said. “The economic consequences of Amazon’s pullout is just a small taste of the harm that is to come if Ocasio-Cortez’s anti-business canon comes to fruition and is made federal policy.”

The billboard will reportedly remain in the popular tourist location for one week.

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