Nikki Haley: The Thing That Bothers Me About Impeachment

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Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley joins The Story to talk about her relationship with Trump, the latest impeachment hearings, and her political future.



  1. Trump’s only impeachable offense was taking away the Presidency from Hillary when it was her turn as the CIA promised her.

    What’s the Democrat’s / Deep State’s witch-hunt after this impeaching hearing? These witch-hunts is all the Democrats have been busy with for 2 years!!

    • Well, taking away the Presidency from Hillary who was promised for 8 years to become POTUS is called stealing, a criminal offense, enough to remove him from office.

  2. Why are there no checks and balances on the dem party??? They are bringing down our country. Thanx to their immaturity there is zero moral standard and FULL of hate. It’s total SIC!!!


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