NJ: Christie Releases More Than $33 Million From Fiscal Reserve, Including $7.5 Million for Non Public School Security Funds

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Dear Friends,

In mid-July, Governor Christie issued Executive Order 209, which placed nearly $100 million of the appropriated 2017 budget in reserve until an agree will be reached between the governor and the unions regarding healthcare costs. Included in that amount was the $7.5 million dollars which was allocated for nonpublic school security funding.

Several weeks ago, we sent out an action alert, asking you to reach out to the governor’s office and ask the governor to release these crucial funds.

B”H, I am happy to inform you, that this afternoon Governor Christie released the entire amount of allocated security funds for our children’s Yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs. http://nj.gov/governor/news/news/552016/approved/20160920d.html

The recent events have awaken us  to be more vigilant in our Hishtadlus in protecting ourselves and our children. These funds enable us to do that.

Thank you for your advocacy.

Avi Schnall

Agudath Israel, New Jersey



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