NO EXCUSE, ANDREW: Cuomo Waited 10 Days To Apply For $300 Trump Layoff Aid After Feds Paved Way

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may want to start repeating his “do your job” finger-wag in the mirror.

The Cuomo administration dragged its feet for weeks after President Trump initially offered states expanded unemployment insurance — and then waited 10 days to apply for the $300-a-week bonus for cash-strapped New Yorkers even after the feds called to walk them through the program and met their demands, The Post has learned.

New York, in fact, only applied to be part of the $44 billion Lost Wages Program after a nudge from The Post last Friday shamed officials for their inaction after more than one-quarter of America’s states had already qualified for the federal aid amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. There are petitions online calling on Cuomo to replace de Blasio.
    With this newest Cuomo debacle, why aren’t there online petitions to impeach this butcher of nursing home patients? This equally inept blabbermouth had a 1,000 bed hospital ship loan gift from Trump but underutilized this lifesaving opportunity. He and de Blasio. Two murderous idiots in a pod


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