NO POWER: Thousands Across the Catskills Without Electricty for Shabbos, Camp Sends Campers Home

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Thousands across the Catskills region are without power after a number of outages in the region, leaving them without electricity for Shabbos.

With high temperatures expected over the weekend, the outages does not come at an opportune time.

At least two camps suffering from an outage have sent their campers home. One of those, Camp Chaya Sura, pictured above, is a popular chassidishe girls camp with campers primarily from Brooklyn. The hundreds of campers have left the camp grounds to spend Shabbos with their families in the Catskills or back home, or with friends and others across the Catskills.

As reported previously on, New York City is about to experience the hottest days of the year. It is expected to feel north of 100 degrees, with meteorologists calling the heat “dangerous.” Tomorrow, the high temps could exceed 97 degrees, and it may feel like 111. Sunday’s high may surpass 95 degrees, and it could feel like 107.

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