NO PURIM JOKE: Photos: Boys at the Satmar Cheder in Bnei Brak Protesting Against Participating in Elections in Israel (JDN)

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  1. My rabbonim allow me to vote, but why belittle this because you don’t agree. I would say this however the activities I saw in the summer where kids threw eggs at a mock motorcade of Netanyhu was disgusting.

  2. Very sad
    And to stooop so low…..
    Major chillul Hashem
    We all have our values and opinions and are free to do what we want but If you do then at least keep it to yourselves and prevent a major chillul Hashem they caused.

  3. These poor little kids are being thrown into something they have no understanding to. They’re being used as puppets against their own will. I hope when they grow up and see their crazy past, they’ll gpo the other way…

  4. Love it r hate it if this is what their Rabonim feel is correct, they should teach this to the children. Please don’t compare this to throwing eggs!

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