North Korea Is Willing to Denuclearize, South Korea Says  

North Korea is willing to begin negotiations on abandoning its nuclear weapons and will suspend all nuclear and missile tests while talks are ongoing, South Korean officials said in a statement Tuesday, following two days of unprecedented meetings between senior South Korean officials and the North’s ruler, Kim Jong Un.
“The North Korean side clearly stated its willingness to denuclearize,” the statement said. “It made it clear that it would have no reason to keep nuclear weapons if the military threat to the North was eliminated and its security guaranteed.” South Korea’s intelligence chief, Suh Hoon, and the country’s top national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, last night attended a four-hour long dinner with Kim, which, according to the North, “proceeded in a warm atmosphere overflowing with compatriotic feelings.” The thaw in relations between the two Koreas was accelerated by the North’s participation in the Winter Olympics in South Korea last month.Read more at the NY Times.


  1. North Korea got all kinds of goodies from the U.S. in the 1990’s after promising not to develop nuclear weapons. After pocketing those goodies the announced “Surprise! We actually did develop nukes after all!”
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  2. Alyhough a deal is very good
    It is wrong to make such a deal like this even if causes more friction

    America always chose to stand for more than realpolitik
    They pushed Jackson Vanik and refugees in the 70s even when and if it damaged Détente
    And furthermore
    this was the prime essence of the 80s

  3. maybe the sanctions are REALLY starting to work and Fat Boy is starting to shiver in his pants, what’s he gona tell his people when ALL food runs out….


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