NYC ‘Dangerously Close’ To Second COVID-19 Wave, De Blasio Says

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Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that New York City is getting “dangerously close” to a second coronavirus wave as the infection rate across the Big Apple is spiking.

“We see the presence of the coronavirus in this city and it’s trying to reassert itself,” de Blasio warned during a City Hall press briefing. “We need to do everything in our power to stop the coronavirus from reasserting in New York City. We have to stop a second wave from happening here, it is getting dangerously close.”

Hizzoner added, “Now, unfortunately, we’re seeing a real growth in the positivity rate in this city and that is dangerous.”

“We can stop a second wave if we act immediately, but we have one last chance and everyone has to be a part of it,” he said.

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  1. And yet, this fraud goes out and recklessly party’s in the streets of the City after the media decided that Joe Biden was coronated.

  2. What a hypocrite! Sure we have to all be careful- but what is the mortality rate now? What about him partying a week ago- was there no spike then???He needs to be voted out of office ASAP!


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