NYC Sanitation Worker Ditches Truck, “Joins” Daf Yomi Shiur


sanitationNew York City’s Department of Investigation admitted it began a probe last week into the motives behind the Sanitation Department bosses’ decision to sabotage the blizzard cleanup.

Sources told New York Post that Sanitation bosses issued verbal directives during the clean-up to give priority to streets near the homes of agency heads and other city bigwigs.

Despite Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s insistence that all roads would be plowed at least once by Thursday morning, many were untouched, with snow still piled high in Crown Heights and other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Even as streets in the outer boroughs waited for a single plow to arrive, the Post reported, crews were clearing bicycle lanes on the Upper West Side. Bloomberg, however, insisted that was not happening.

Across the city, residents still confined to their homes by the storm’s after-effects had plenty of blame both for Bloomberg and the rogue Sanitation workers.

Shulamit, a COLlive reader, reported that on Wednesday night, at 8 PM, “an orange salt and plow truck driving into 45th Street from 14th Avenue in a the first attempt to clear the street.”

She said she learned from a resident that at one point, the driver conveniently decided that he was stuck.

“He sat in the truck for 2 hours,” she said.

“At 10 PM, he decided to “join” the English Daf Yomi Shiur in the Sefardishe Shul located on the corner of 14th Avenue and 45th Street. He sat out till the end of the shiur at 12 AM.”

The resident who photographed the worker was left wondering, “What does a goy know about Maseches Zevachim?”



  1. this story with the photo was posted here 2 days before another site posted it as an exclusive to their site.


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