Video, Photos: Yehudah Green Enlivens Melava Malka of Lakewood Fellowship Program


yehudah-green[Video and photos below.] Last night, a memorable week for a group of college students from across the country continued in resounding fashion with an inspiring kumzitz led by Yehudah Green. The event, held at the home of Moishe Klein in Lakewood, NJ, was held as part of a week-long Lakewood Fellowship program, in which college students were brought to Lakewood to take in the unique atmosphere of the city and spend time learning Torah and hearing words of chizuk.

The program, scheduled for the college winter intermission, was the second of its kind arranged by Torah Links. Needless to say, the college students have been thoroughly inspired by the learning, the lectures, the love and the warmth. Many of these students will now be embarking on reaching greater heights in their own Yiddishkeit and Torah learning.

Below are clips of the finale of the Fellowship program, with singing by Yehudah Green, accompanied by Aaron Zutler on guitar, Zvi Rada on keyboard, and Rabbi Mayer Erps on percussion.

Click below to watch:

Those with slower connections may watch the video here:

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See below for photos:

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