Obama Caught Working Out In Polish Hotel Gym

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Barack Obama was spotted in the middle of a workout once again – in the same Polish hotel gym where he was first spotted lifting weights two years ago sparking a security scandal, THE DAILY MAIL reports.

New photos show the president going from the treadmill to the spin bike Friday at the Marriott hotel in Warsaw, dressed in black with pink headphones in his ears.

They look like the reconstitution of pictures that first ran in a Polish tabloid two years ago: Obama in the same gym, lifting dumbbells and doing lunges among other hotel guests.
Security concerns emerged at the time, but the secret service said the president’s workout did not constitute a breach of safety.

The president was in Warsaw for the Nato summit, which took place on Friday and Shabbos.

The president, who told Men’s Health in 2008 he worked out for 45 minutes, six days a week, seemed to select a program on a treadmill and spent part of his session on a spin bike.

A security team of at least five men escorted Obama to the gym before his newest sweat session.




  1. Yireh is the honor of a beating heart. Sometimes making it faster is great. I gave it up. My meals are less fatty.

  2. Nice that he has time to work out. As a mother have had no time for the gym since since I was blessed with my first child. I guess being president is a lot less stressful and busy than being a mom, for THIS PRESIDENT at least!


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