Obama Pardons 2 Turkeys, But History Warns Their Days May Be Numbered

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obama3President Obama today continued a decades-long tradition of pardoning two Thanksgiving turkeys — but if history repeats itself, the government gobblers might want to watch their step.

Pardoned turkeys, while treated to the luxe life as part of the annual tradition, historically have this unusual habit of dying soon after their time in the spotlight.

It’s not exactly the curse of King Tut. But let’s just say, they’re only kept out of the deep fryer for so long.

Cobbler, last year’s pardoned turkey and Gobbler, the alternate, have both gone on to turkey heaven. In fact, only one of Obama’s pardoned birds has apparently lived long enough to see a second Thanksgiving.

“Gobbler passed away suddenly. It was very quick. We don’t know what the illness was,” Rebecca Aloisi, a spokeswoman at Mount Vernon in Virginia, told U.S. News and World Report in April.

This year’s star fowl were treated to a 4-star experience – they were primped, plucked and even given paparazzi training before the main event.

Read more at FOX NEWS.

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  1. If only he could have pardoned Rubashkin and Pollard; call them turkeys if need be, but use the special coincidence of Chanuka and Thanksgiving where they’ve never the before coicided as the backdrop for doing something unique and special toward patriotic American Jewry and pardon them both once and for all. Oh, if only….
    Wishful thinking.


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