Obama Took More Vacation on Average Than Private-Sector Workers 20 Yrs on Job

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obama-swimmingPresident Barack Obama, who departed Friday for a vacation in Hawaii that will reportedly last until Jan. 5, took more annual vacation days on average in his first term than the average private-sector worker gets after 20 years on the job.

Obama took an average of 21.5 vacations days per year in his first four years as president. By comparison, private-industry workers in the United States who have at least 20 years on the job get an average of 19 days of paid vacation per year.

The Government Accountability Institute, headed by Peter Schweizer (who is also a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University), published a study of President Obama’s calendar on April 28, 2013 that included an accounting of the vacation days the president took from his inauguration on January 20, 2009 through March 2013.

According to GAI’s accounting, Obama took 21 vacation days in 2009, 34 in 2010, 20 in 2011, 7 during his re-election-campaign year of 2012, and 4 in January 2013 before his second inauguration on Jan. 20, 2013 marked the end of his first four years in office.

The 86 cumulative vacation days that Obama took in his first four years in office worked out to an average of 21.5 days per year.

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  1. It’s really hard work for Obama as he in the process of gradually stripping away our liberty. He’ll need the energy in January to continue to make his own Obamacare rules.

  2. The 7 days in 2012 do not count the days he spent campaigning. He was not doing his job on those days so they should be counted as vacation.

  3. our tax dollars at work. how is it that the whole country was fahrkisheved by this man? was there ever a candidate for anything that didn’t have his whole life ripped open for all to see? we still know nothing about this man

  4. He must be laughing at all the fools that voted for him with the economy down many jobless he takes a 4 million dollar vacation with tax payers money I guess that’s why the goverment shut down to have money for him. Seniors got a1.5 increase in social security and their health insurance climbed more than that

  5. I hate you, mr. Obama! I cant get to go on any vacation at all, and now I have to pay insurance so there definitely no chance now…. youre the worst!

  6. I never get off. As someone who gets paid by the hour, if I come in I get paid. I fi don’t come in I don’t get paid. Same with “Legal” Holidays.

  7. I am not an Obama supporter and do not even claim that Presidents should have vacations, but, what is the comparison? What do you think that a Presidential vacation looks like? Its not like a computer programmer that has no work obligations at all during that time. I’m sure that much of the day is still spent dealing with crisis’s. Takes much more time to get a short vacation

  8. That’s Nothing!
    If you think Obama is bad, take a look at the amount of vacation Congress takes! In 2013 they worked a total of 126 days, leaving 239 days off!

    ( FYI, All European Union countries guarantee workers at least 20 paid days of vacation a year,France going so far as to give 30, the United Kingdom 28, and Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden guaranteeing 25. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, and Sweden go even further, requiring employers to give workers an extra bonus to cover vacation expenses.
    That might be the reason half of these places are going bankrupt.)

  9. #5: Probably comparable. And, while Presidents may go on “vacation”, they are working and “on call” 24/7.

    I am not a fan if the President, but I respect the office. The ad hominum vitriol slung on frum sites against this President is disrespectful and very, very dangerous.

    V’hameivin yavin.

  10. @5. According to Politifact, President Bush took 367 “vacation” days (ie out of the White House, either at his ranch in Texas or his parents house in Maine).
    Since both of them most likely worked most of the time they were away from the WH, the correct answer is probably a lot less for both, but heated rhetoric is more fun for most people.


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