Obama: ‘Voting By Mail Shouldn’t Be A Partisan Issue’

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Former President Barack Obama on Monday said voting by mail shouldn’t be a partisan issue and that every voter should have a chance to do it, especially given the coronavirus crisis.

“Voting by mail shouldn’t be a partisan issue — especially during a pandemic,” Obama tweeted. “Everybody should be able to request an absentee ballot, and make their voice heard in every election.”

Democrats, including Obama, have touted mail-in voting as a public safety measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at the polls and a way to encourage voting among vulnerable populations.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. If a Democrat says about a particular issue “It shouldn’t be a partisan issue” you can rest assured that the side he or she is promoting favors the Democrats.

    If a Republican says about a particular issue “It shouldn’t be a partisan issue” you can rest assured that the side he or she is promoting favors the Republicans.

    We live in an olam shel sheker.

    • you can’t compare the two!!!! Demonrats despise Hashem with abortion,gay rights,and lies about everything! they insist on open borders so millions of illegals should swarm in and vote them into power! only a fool can’t differentiate between libtard socialist demonrats and Republicans!

      • The main difference between the 2 parties, is that the Republicans want to live their lives, believe their beliefs, and be left alone. The democrats want to force, enforce & impose their way of life & beliefs upon everyone else. They are not content to just “be”. The democrats are relentless, brutal, will use any method possible, will never ever give up, and will not stop. They want power, control and are not tolerant of other opinions. It is frightening to watch them.

    • Seems that the following from The Hill makes good argument that (assuming Democrats do not “cheat”) the Republicans may actually find mail-in-voting to their own advantage:

      > Some Republicans have worried the President’s rhetoric may turn away potential Republican voters, including elderly voters, a traditionally conservative demographic that may feel uncomfortable voting in person. In states like Florida, Republicans have run many successful vote-by-mail campaigns.

      The real problem is that (in certain important locations) the Democrats have the cheating mechanism oiled and ready to go.

  2. Obama couldn’t have said it now as he’s nowhere near saying anything. Sure enough I found it’s a rehashed report from Sept 2018 just to keep his name alive.

  3. I was on the fence about this one…

    Now I’m sure it IS a political issue.

    Why would good ol Barry be pushing it ?

  4. I love voting by mail. So much more convenient. I usually am too busy b”h to make it to the polls. This way I can have a voice in the future of the country. And I’m a Republican. Go figure.


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