Oorah and Leading Law Enforcement Officials Exchange Words of Praise


oorah-policeJefferson, NY–Oorah’s camp directors and senior staff met with Schoharie and Delaware Counties’ Top Law Enforcement officials yesterday as Oorah paid formal tribute to local and county officials for their efforts in assisting Oorah, its staff and its campers. The law officials were equally praising of what Oorah has built in their counties.

Nearly two dozen senior staff members from both counties were in attendance as the camp honored Major William S. Sprague (NYSP Troop Commander of Troop G in Albany), Captain Michael St. Jeanos (New York State DEC Environmental Conservation Police Department), Captain Brian Handy (New York City Department of Environment Protection), Anthony Desmond (Schoharie County Sheriff), Ronald Stevens (Schoharie County Undersheriff) and Thomas Mills (Delaware County Sheriff).

“The diligence and dedication to law, equality, and the pursuit of happiness that we’ve seen here is a microcosm of everything that is best about America,” said Oorah spokesman Yehudah Meth as he addressed the audience. “In America, where freedom of religion and expression of culture was guaranteed by the founding fathers, it is only too easy to find flaws with a system that is oftentimes violated by individuals. But the law enforcement community here sets the standard of ideals that make this nation great. We can’t thank you enough for the assistance you’ve provided.”

Meth was followed by Oorah BoyZone Camp Director Avraham Krawiec, who discussed the types of children that Oorah’s camps benefit-children who would not otherwise be able to afford the beautiful camp and important social services that Oorah provides both during summer camp and all year long. Rabbi Binyomin Gissinger, Oorah GirlZone Camp Director, further emphasized this point with a video presentation on Oorah’s campers.

“Ever since 9/11, those of us in law enforcement have become more conscious of what we consider vital infrastructure-our reservoirs, our lakes, our trains,” noted Major Sprague. “Oorah’s camp is something that we consider vital infrastructure, too. When you offer values like you do to children, you make our jobs that much easier. We appreciate that you are here.”

Dan Singletary, Town Supervisor of Jefferson, was also in attendance and rose to praise the men being honored. “I know how hard you are working,” said Singletary. Both Meth and Krawiec gave special thanks to Singletary who was referred to as Oorah’s partner in bringing its vital kiruv summer camp to children in need.

Rabbi Bernard Freilich, Special Assistant to the Superintendant in Albany (who was joined by law enforcement chaplains Rabbi Joel Gold and Rabbi Simcha Bernath) offered closing comments and stressed the importance of everyone communicating and working as well together as Oorah has with town and county officials.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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