Orphaned in Mumbai, Moshe Holtzberg Celebrates His Bar Mitzvah With Letters From Trump, Indian PM




Moshe Holtzberg, orphaned in the Mumbai Chabad center massacre that took the lives of his parents 11 years ago this week, was called to the Torah for the first time in his home town of Afula, Israel on Shabbat and celebrated his bar mitzvah Sunday evening at a gala affair in Kfar Chabad, surrounded by friends and family, including the grandparents who raised him and the nanny who saved his life.

During the celebration, Moshe delivered the classic Chassidic discourse recited at Chabad bar mitzvahs, flanked by his grandparents, who were then hoisted onto the shoulders, along with Moshe, of members of the cheering crowd. Later, smiling ear to ear, Moshe danced to the musical performance of Simche Friedman and was serenaded soulfully by entertainers Motty Steinmetz and Ishay Ribo.

Later in the evening, a stirring video was played showing Moshe at the gravesites of his parents on the Har Hazeisim, voicing a pledge to them to walk in their footsteps.

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  1. That was in honor of putting on teffilin for the first time in chabad they start 2 months before the bar mitzvah so he came to the Rebba ohel for that and they made him a party in the USA then


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