Orthodox Jews Welcome Trump Back to NY

The Jewish Democrats for Trump joined others in welcoming President Donald Trump to New York on his first return visit since being elected. Despite rowdy anti-Trump protesters ,a good number of Orthodox Jews came out to show their gratitude to President Trump for his incredible support of religious Jews and Israel.
Heshy Friedman of The Jewish Democrats for Trump stated that “not since George Washington have we had such a pro-Jewish American president. His appointment of Conservative Supreme Court judges is a breath of fresh air, as is his support of financial aid to yeshivas, which was demonstrated by his appointment of Betsy Devos to education secretary.”
Friedman told Matzav.com, “The appointment of an American ambassador to Israel of a heimisha frum Yid is the first in history. Among Orthodox Jews, Trump won by a landslide.”
Friedman urges everyone to get registered to vote for the 2020 presidential election “so that President Trump can finish the job he has started.”


  1. I love this picture. It’s one of a kind. Thanks matzav for bringing such a positive photo. Made my day. Keep up your excellent work.


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