Pandemic ‘Is Not Even Close To Being Over,’ WHO Chief Says

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The COVID-19 pandemic is not even close to being over, World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a briefing on Monday.

Tedros noted that, six months after China first alerted the WHO to a novel respiratory infection, the grim milestones of 10 million confirmed infections and 500,000 deaths had been reached.

“Most people remain susceptible, the virus still has a lot of room to move,” he said.

“We all want this to be over. We all want to get on with our lives. But the hard reality is that this is not even close to being over. Although many countries have made some progress globally, the pandemic is actually speeding up.”

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  1. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. People who have posted that corona does not exist as an independent illness also tend to speak derogatorily about those who disagree with them. They call them names. They ridicule and even show a callousness and sometimes cruelty towards those who say they have suffered. Are denying corona and being cruel connected? Is it cruel people who have more of a tendency to deny corona? Just wondering out loud.

    • Excuse me! The ones who call names and ridicule others are corona believers (just like vaxxers) because they don’t understand what corona is and therefore cannot explain it. Show me 1 instance where a corona denier ridicules corona believers. For your information, not one corona believer, INCLUDING DOCTORS, ever explained what corona is and neither can you which makes sense that there’s no such thing as corona. Being sick with the flu, a running nose or headache is not corona. And stop fooling yourself with nonsense.

      • I don’t understand what life is and neither can any doctor explain it. Maybe that implies according to your logic that life makes no sense and thus does not exists. Perhaps that’s why you don’t care for life.

    • Do you want to join the tehillim group for people to wake up? So many are becoming sick from the misleading media and lying doctors.

    • Because they are lying trolls, quite possibly Russian government employees, whose job is to sow confusion and discord and make you doubt the reliability of anything you read. They do this because a confused enemy is a far less dangerous one than one that can focus on Russia’s grotesque misdeeds under the kleptocracy that Vladimir Putin now runs. Rather than focusing on Russia’s theft of Crimea, its shoot-down of civilian airliner MH17, its unjust imprisonment of its own citizens and the theft of their property, and its many additional human rights abuses, we’ll instead feel we can’t trust what we read and perhaps some shadowy American/Zionist/MSM/UN organization is behind everything we read and see.

      Why the insults and name calling by the troll(s)?
      Because a logical reaction to the lies they spew (Obama is dead, replaced by a clone! Biden is dead, replaced by a clone! Pelosi is dead, replaced by a clone! The moon landing was a hoax! Vaccines are poisons the government is trying to kill us with! There is no COVID-19! Measles is a hoax! Etc, etc.) is to scoff at and ignore such ridiculous lies. By adding insults (Sheeple! Ostritch! Fool! Gullible!) to their lies they aim to manipulate those who are afraid of being called those names. It’s an old, old trick, used often in debate and politics, e.g. “Surely you’re not so gullible as to believe my opponents lies about XYZ” or “Only liars or idiots would claim ABC”.

      In short, yes, it’s cruel and it can even cause those who believe them to harm their health, but it’s not random, pointless cruelty – it’s very deliberate and has a very specific (and evil) objective.

  2. The manmade scamdemic will be over when people will wake up, see the folly and stop allowing the government to fool them. Why is everyone’s brains masked up? Had it been a medical issue, we’d hear the coronavirus updates from hospitals, from doctors, from medical professors and not from politicians.

    • Hey 4:20am shoteh,

      Go get some sleep to clear your brains out

      Explain to me why so many our people died within such a short period of time:

      Non existent virus, eh? That your thought process can be so messed up is the biggest proof that you are a victim of this very virus that you deny

  3. And we’re all wondering how so many people can’t be fooled with a non-existent virus. If you believe in corona, can you explain it to those who don’t? If you can’t (which would make sense because nobody could) stop ridiculing those who don’t believe in foolishness.

    There is a story told of Rabbi Yonason Eibeshutz, the chief rabbi of Prague 250 years ago and an extremely intelligent man who was famous for his debates with priests. The story goes that a priest once asked him, “Doesn’t it say in your Torah, ‘Acharei rabim l’hatos’ (Follow the majority)? And since we are the majority, why don’t you exchange your faith for ours?”

    But while the Rabbi and the priest were still walking in the street, the Rabbi stopped and stared at the sky in wonder. The priest asked him, “What are you looking for up there?” The Rabbi answered, “I see a partial solar eclipse right now!” The priest was embarrassed to admit that he didn’t see anything of the sort, so he made it seem like he, too, saw something in the sky.

    So now, passersby who saw the Rabbi and the priest standing in the street and looking up at the sky stopped to ask, “What are they looking at?” So the priest told them, “There’s a solar eclipse happening right now!” And so, all the people, one by one, started looking and convincing themselves that they, too, saw something different about the sun today.

    After a huge crowd had built up, all looking up and pointing at the sky, with each person saying to the next, “Look over there! You’ll see it!”, at that point, the Rabbi turned to the priest and said, “The truth is that I didn’t see anything.” The priest replied, “I also didn’t see anything, but I was embarrassed to admit the truth.”

    So the Rabbi said to him, “You see this huge crowd standing here acting as if it sees something that we both know is false? This is not the majority the Torah intended when it said, ‘Achrei rabim l’hatos (follow the majority).’”

    • …oops, you made a mistake. You wanted to write “how so many people can be fooled with a non-existent virus”

    • Until you can explain why there were so many deaths fun unzere mentchen, I will keep ridiculing your absolute narishkeiten

      • The casualties were from panic attacks and being hooked up on ventilators which killed them instantly, from those who were starved in hospitals, from those who had an underlying sickness

        • The stupidity of your assertion is so ridiculous I dont know where to begin. Many if not most of the niftarim were people who were totally not the type to succumb to panic. I’m talking about community leaders and big businessmen. And many of the niftarim were hardly on ventilators if at all. And many were not killed *instantly* on ventilators but only after an extended period of time

  4. The WHO organization is a political hack of the United Nations The WHO chief is not even a MD. He says whatever is politically correct. I am not saying that Covid 19 doesn’t exist. Of course it does. But anything out the mouths of any organization connected to the UN, is to be taken with a grain of salt!

    • Of course it does? How do you know? People died from panic, being murdered influenza, pneumonia and other sickness; nobody died and nobody became sick from some new concocted sickness.

  5. How can you you be so foolish and irresponsible to say that it doesn’t exists after so many people have gotten sick and died from it ??????????

    • What’s “it”? Explain it!!! Are you implying that every single death in the universe the last few months, including the flu, car accident, sky diving, etc. etc. etc. was from this new manmade concocted virus, as the CDC is trying to shove down your gullible naive throats? When will you wake up and see the truth for what it is? Do some investigation and research and you’ll learn that it’s all nonsense.

      • How 2:28pm went from north pole to south pole in one paragraph is beyond me. Where did 10:19 imply “every single death in the universe”????? How does “so many people” turn into “every single death”???

        And which “honest doctors” said its all baloney? Name them. And link to their statements

  6. Come on. What does the maaseh with R’ Yonasan Eibeshitz have to do with your beliefs. R’ Yonasan knew the truth because the Torah says so. He knew the truth because we have a mesorah. How do you know the truth? Because you decided. Because you claim a few “honest doctors” say so. Because anything that the doctors don’t understand can’t exist. Get real.

  7. I think I just figured it out

    These meshuga corona non-believers are democrats and are displaying symptoms of dementia in support of their hero sleepy Joe

  8. Dear antivaxers, please don’t highjack the conversation. There is no need to deny the modern medical science in order to prove that this covid19 “pandemic” has already burned out in most of the world, with most of the surviving population becoming immune. Also, covid19’s fatality rate is comparable to that of a flu, yet no one has imprisoned the entire population because of a flu. Additionally, imprisoning the entire population is a major health damage by itself, which causes more deaths long-term than covid19. So, dear antivaxers, when you start saying crazy stuff like corona doesn’t exist, you are sabotaging the effort to undo the covid19 population imprisonment. Just shut up.


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