Pence: ‘Lots of Evidence of Ballot Fraud’ Across the Country


Vice President Mike Pence Friday insisted there has been “lots of evidence of ballot fraud” across the country, and that he and President Donald Trump will fight hard to make sure there is only a “one person, one vote” election happening this year.

“Check out Indiana, 2012, the state of Indiana, people were prosecuted for manufacturing ballots in the state of Indiana,” Pence told “CBS This Morning” co-host Tony Dokoupil, who argued with him that there is no evidence that ballot fraud has happened. “It’s happened around the country.”

Pence, who appeared on several networks Friday morning, told CBS that Trump has pointed out that the administration supports absentee ballots because people must apply to vote.

But with universal mail-in voting, many names on the voter list are inaccurate said Pence, and “they have people that have died.”

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