Pfizer Says Its Vaccine Is 90% Effective

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Pfizer announced Monday morning that late-stage clinical trial data show that its vaccine candidate is over 90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19.

The announcement was widely greeted as a sorely needed positive development in the fight against the virus, which is raging across the country.

The drugmaker said it conducted an analysis of 94 confirmed cases in trial participants after enrolling 43,538 participants in a larger study. The company added that it hopes to have the amount of safety data required for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emergency use authorization by the third week of November.

The vaccine requires two doses, and protection was achieved 28 days after the first dose, Pfizer said.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. This is the first really good news since the pandemic begun, other than the impending replacement of Trump with Biden. And it was done without government help! Pfizer declined to be a part of Operation Warp Speed so it owns the vaccine. It may have to share the profits with the German company Biontech, that invented the vaccine and was founded by the chidren of Turkish immigrants. A victory for capitalism, a victory for globalism, a victory for immigration.

  2. Good! KN95 are 95% effective, N99 are 98% effective, N100 are about 99% effective. Staying away from infected people means that the starting point is low risk already and is brought well under manageable risk. In the meantime the vaccine will be perfected.


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