Photo: Bingo Truck Delivers Items to Stock Upcoming Bingo Store in Lakewood

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  1. Where is the store? Are there prices cheaper than the Non Profit Grocery Store (NPGS)? NPGS has a strong market presence and is owned by a very astute business man. He has B’H built outstanding wealth however chooses to present as a bal chesed rather than a bal h’bais who preforms chesed.

    • I’m not going to deny that they’re prices are cheaper than most in this town, but I can’t image he built himself 4 stores when he is a NON PROFIT grocery store… unless he has major investors.

      Bingo has a similar marketing to Costco- selling in bulk. That is beneficial for the large families in this town, and they don’t need to pay a membership fee that Costco or BJ’s require.

    • Who are you to count someone else’s money and state opinions masquerading as fact in a public forum? The only wealth people can actually vouch for for this individual is the stockpile he has שכר מצוה בהאי עלמא ליכא for his selfless, unstinting Chesed.

  2. The oilam in Lakewood should
    do the right thing and continue to patronize the stores that are owned by our very own Baal Habatim like Kosher West, NPGS, Kosher Village, Shloimy’s and others. All these owners are askonim in their own way and who help out our very own community in so many ways. We don’t need these guys coming here to Lakewood looking to enrich himself on the backs of our laymen and community leaders. I shop for my family almost only in the above mentioned stores for the reasons I mentioned. I actually think it’s an absolute chutzpah for these large kosher chain stores to keep coming here and opening stores and taking parnassa away from these other smaller stores.. I know many would disagree with me but the reality is I am 100% right and you know very well that if it was you that had a store and was about to put out of business by a larger store coming to town you’d be besides yourself…

    • Cool Masmid you are a voice of reason in a town gone berserk!
      All the new outsiders coming to rip their share of the pie in this town have caused havoc and hurt long standing relationships ppl had with businesses in this town. For what? The prices are not lower, and in fact higher on many items that are not ADVERTISED LOSS LEADERS. But people buy with their eyes and they love the glitzy, polished look of stores set up with investors’ money, and they overlook the fact that by sending their grocery dollars out of town, a very critical economic equilibrium has been destroyed – that of support your own because it creates a cycle of prosperity לכו התפרנסו זה מזה. Time will tell how the chips fall, but it will take a migration of the whole Brooklyn to the “metropolis” of Lakewood to try support so many supermarkets.

    • If you can’t compete in an open marketplace, close up shop and go home. Competition will be good for all members of the community. Basic grocery items will become cheaper and more affordable.

  3. There is no reason that individuals should pay more for essentials than necessary! It’s important that store owners earn money however they must adhere to halacah such as not charging more than allowed etc….. The Torah is chas on momon yisroel!

    • You haven’t been paying more for essentials. You are bamboozled by the loss leaders of the new stores who are making every effort to have customers feel that until they came along, people in town were paying too much for their groceries. But that honeymoon is going to be short lived. How long can a store sell staples at below cost? For the time being, they are selling some items below cost to fool people, and overcharging on other items to the same customers who shop with their eyes and brains shut, victims of the disinformation that the “Lakewood stores are always more expensive” and the lie that “New York stores are much cheaper”.

    • You mean like those that sell esrogim and rip off the guillibe and most vurinable amongst us? Choshen Mishpat never applies to esrogim dealers. They’re above halacha.

  4. I wish them much Hatzlacha. I usually shop there once a week. I stock up on chalav yisroel items. The rest I either buy in Shoprite or Moishes. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to shop in those fancy upscale food boutiques. We wait for sales in the staples that we need. You’ve got to be practical.


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