Videos: Hafganos in Yerushalayim, at Bar Ilan and Tzefania, Due to IDF Draft

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    • For some odd reason, no one understands that we have to burn garbage on Lee Ave in Williamsburg, to protest the Gezeiros Hachinuch…
      When it comes to American problems we understand that diplomacy is the only way.
      “Let Yerushalyim stink, as long as Brooklyn remains clean…” – Chas V’shulem…

  1. Anonymous who are you to say?
    i once heard from a rabbi that one who goes by anonymous is scared of exposing themselves for a reason so i ask, what makes you decide we all need to back them? i’m against drafting of girls or boys but i think theres a better way to do it as most rabbis hold, these girls could have prevented being arrested if they complied by the law-“dina demalchusa dina”,
    protesting day and night is not just a nauseance but also dangerous for the protesters and people trying to get around,
    i live there, i can say from close up, i follow my rabbi’s and i don’t get worked up over them for folowing their rabbi’s but don’t claim we need to back them or that they are doing a kiddush hashem because thats only according to their fewer than the rest rabbis.

    • #1) Is R. Schwartz better than anonymous if you don’t add your address? So if I will sign my name “M. Klein” will it make my point stronger?
      #2) We all need to back them because “most” Gedolei Yisrael calling for these protests.
      #3) These girls could not have prevented being arrested. They followed protocol of “dina demalchusa dina” and were arrested right then and there for refusing to be drafted. Get your facts straight before posting.
      #4) Protesting day and night is the “only” way to get the message across. And it works all the time. Sometimes they need a day or two longer of protests. Rabbanim are encouraging it even if people have a hard time getting around.

      • #1) yes m. klein is better, thanks for being a person.
        #2) it is not most rabbanim only a very minority.
        #3) if your rabbi says to back them go ahead, we don’t all need to.
        #4) how does anyone else get anything across without protesting??? the same way i avoided being drafted thank you very much. the same way america and the UK are dealing with chinnuch trouble. a few rabbanim may be encouraging it but still minority, as they say chareidi jews are the minority of all jews, and satmar/peleg are minority of chareidim.
        the only reason these things do work are because your a nauseance and no one wants to deal with you, like a kid you throw the candy to so he stops the tantrum. unlike the jews in all generations who have earned the worlds respect for how they reacted.

      • #1) Get a calculator if you think that “most” Gedoilei Yisroel call for these riots/protests.
        #2) Even in Eretz Yisroel diplomacy and legal assistance has shown to work better than riots.
        #3) While these boys are doing trouble, some responsible Askanim (both Kanaim and Agudah people) are working really hard to get the girls out, and this is what solves the problems in almost all cases.

        • jacob thank you for reminding me-the reason boys/girls are releast are because the askanim from all groups who work on it, it so happens that it’s at the same time that they get out the riots end-simply because the riots were to go on till they’re out but not that the riots actually got them out.
          R. Schwartz of Jerusalem.

  2. so Anonymous do you live in yerushalaim (or bnei brak where there are sometimes protests too)?
    are you affiliated with this group? if they are your rabbis then go ahead-do what your told, i’ll do what i’m told.
    if you live there and deal with the protests then i can think seriously about what you said, but if your talking from far then you have no right to preach that they are 100% right and we all must follow.
    thank you.

    • It doesn’t make a difference if you live far or close. Those who have emunas tzaddikim, follow Gedolei Yisrael, no matter where we live. Those who know better than Rabbanim would not even approve of their own Rav or need a Rav altogether.

  3. This is not how Avraham Avienu was fearzach. Burning garbage bins and gathering in the streets (yoshvei koranos) is not the Torah way. I’ve yet to see one Gadol at any of these street disturbances. All you see are troubled youth in these and other videos. Yes, they dress “Charedie” (so I’m sure they’ll get a good shidduch) but they are seriously troubled. Bored youth with too much time on their hands. Kol anus anoichi shomaiya!


  5. M. Klein prove your way to all the above comments please.
    and a list of the rabbanim that are behind it compared to the rabbanim against it.
    i heard that even rabbanim who are backing protests do not mean or want the behavior bored youths use these protests for-they wanted the protest as a kiddush hashem-this is a chillul hashem.

    burning garbage, damaging other peoples property and hitting fellow jews is a chillul hasem.

  6. For all those who say which gedolim are behind this.
    R Elyashiv was famous for telling anyone that spoke to him regarding this matter that it’s yaharog veal yaavor with no compromising. Although not all gedolei yisroel agreed it’s like every other decision that we must wait till moshiach comes. R Samuel Auerbach, R Samuel Duetch, R Aharon Shechter, R Usher Deutsch, R malkiel Kotler and many others are of this opinion. I didn’t learn by any of these gedolim, but I fully respect someone that follows what his rabbeim tell him, even if they take it a bit too far. Don’t go for all this propaganda to portray these people as wild animals. And definitely don’t listen to all those that use these clips for election campaigns.

    • These gedolim might have encouraged peaceful, Torahdik protests. However, I challenge you to prove they encouraged the violent, destructive, damaging protests that are actually going on.

      Also, Rav Shteinman, ZTz”L, was not so sanguine about the whole thing.

  7. R. Schwartz, I challenge you and everyone else on this forum to list even one Gadol/Rav that has spoken out against protests over Giyus Banos.

    Do you know any basic history?? The Chazon Ish and the Brisker Rav, the Tchebeiner Rav, the Steipler, and ALL of the Gedolim in this generation and previous generations are ALL of the opinion that protests are necessary when we are discussing Giyus Banos.

    You are correct when you mentioned that there were Gedolim who have spoken out against the protests, but they were discussing Giyus Banim, a totally different fight.

    There are videos and countless reports from the historic Giyus Banos protests 50 years ago both in Eretz Yisrael and in the US. It is the same thing today. The IDF decided that this girl is irreligious, despite the fact that she is a ba’alas teshuvah who maintained a Chareidi lifestyle for over 4 years. She applied for an exemption and followed all the proper procedures.

    I would recommend that you do some more research before commenting on a public forum. You may live in Eretz Yisrael, but you’re clearly unaware of basic history if you think these protests mark a precedent.

    It should be noted that Rav Elyashiv Zatzal credited all we have in aspects of Yiddishkeit in Eretz Yisrael solely to the hafganos.

    • These gedolim might have encouraged peaceful, Torahdik protests. However, I challenge you to prove they encouraged the violent, destructive, damaging protests that are actually going on.

      • So we went from “no Gadol is ok with protests” to “really all Gedolim are ok with protests, just not this one”, progress!

        The vast majority of the participants at these protests are nonviolent. They will block the street, but will never resort to violence. Obviously there are always those on the fringe, usually those associated with the Neturei Karta, who do engage in more violent methods such as burning dumpsters. And there is no excuse for violence, correct.
        Violence should never be tolerated.

        But it is well known that the Chazon Ish told those who were going to protest Giyus Banos “תשתוללו”. What you’re seeing above was commonplace at the historic Giyus Banos protests, which Gedolei Yisrael called for and participated in.

        You say you live in Israel, so I’m sure you’re aware of the various other groups that protest on a consistent basis. Such as the disabled, who are demanding a bigger handout from the government, Teva employees who are nervous that they will be layed off in a few years, firefighters, and so many more. Civil disobedience (aka blocking the street) is an accepted form of protest in Israel. So if the Chilonim can do it when they’re entire concern is money based, why can’t the Chareidim do it for something that threatens the very fabric of Yiddishkeit in Eretz Yisrael; Giyus Banos? Especially when our mesorah is clearly to engage in protests over certain things, Giyus Banos being the first on the list!


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