Photo: Jared Kushner Holds His Son, TJK, Donald Trump’s New Grandson

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Theodore James Kushner is a son of Jared and Ivanka (Trump) Kushner and a grandson of Charlie and Seryl Kushner and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.


  1. Can anyone clarify if Ivanka went through a Halachacly competent Geyrus?
    If not, then what are we doing by spreading rumors (or implying) that her child is Jewish?
    Matzav should please research this before posting anything more about her family…

  2. Her gayrus was done through Rabbi Haskel Lookstein supposedly with the approval of Rabbi Herschel Schachter. I hope they will give a Jewish name at the bris.

  3. As a giyores, Mrs Kushner is “k’katan shenolad” and has absolutely no relation to Trump. It is a bizayon for Matzav to belittle the Torah and the special status it awards a Ger Tzedek by focusing on Mrs. Kushner’s former connection to Donald Trump. Are we going to start reading about the former lives of prominent baalei teshuva as well?

  4. Ivanka’s conversion was done under the supervision of the O.U.
    Accordingly, any negative comments about Ivanka’s conversion is 100% pure loshon hara.


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