Photo: Spotted at Night Seder in Yerushalayim Tonight

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  1. Although I’m surprised to see this picture, I’m not shocked that it can happen.
    When Yugerleit are desperate, it’s almost impossible for them to make it to Seder and such an environment in which this can happen is created
    Time to stop taking advantage of precious Bnei Torah.

  2. As a current kollel member in an out-of town community, there has been many times I offer to bring one of my kids to kollel in order to ease the burden from my wife. However, my wife always refuses the offer. She says kollel is not a place for children no matter the age. The purpose of kollel is to learn without any distractions. Better to learn at home than to distract yourself AND others.

  3. Could you give us some context: Where exactly did he leave the baby–is s/he in a stroller or car seat in a public area? Inside, outside? How far from the learning area? Maybe the mother is still recuperating from the birth, they have no family around, can’t pay for babysitting, baby cries in the house, needs to be walked around and finally fell asleep?

  4. the baby in the picture is not sleeping he is crying! he was crying for over a half hour and the father was no where to be found! he was left outside the BM by the sink area. to all those who said kol hakovod etc. there is no excuse for this, its irresponsible! even if he couldnt afford a babysitter he still should have come to check on his baby every so often

  5. This sweetest baby is sleeping! If the baby were screaming, and if the father were nowhere to be found, then I would agree it’s not the proper way to care for a baby. But he or she is sleeping tight, is in a place where if the baby wakes up – doesn’t have to be crying! – will be promptly brought to papa’s arms, changed, fed, etc. and last but not least, at his or her marriage, which is b”h coming up in the blink of an eye, this photo will circulate around and bring countless smiles. Those who are so disturbed by the sight and whine at the obviously overwhelmed family (may we all and our descendants be very overwhelmed with more and more sweet babies) may want to volunteer as babysitters at the closest Beis Midrash.

  6. It must be his “Baby kama”.
    And who exactly was supposed to take care of this child while he was elsewhere?
    Shtarke kushya!
    Obviously am American kolel – note is in English


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