PHOTOS: Chabad Honors Alan Dershowitz With Sefer Torah At 770

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Defense attorney and former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz was honored with a Sefer Torah at the headquarters of the Chabad in Crown Heights on Thursday, in recognition of his work in the Sholom Rubashkin case.

Dershowitz was the guest of honor at the special event, which began at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and continued at the main synagogue at the Chabad movement’s headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway.

Hundreds gathered lined the street between 770 and the Jewish Children’s Museum, celebrating the hachnosas Sefer Torah, which was paraded down the street before being brought to the main synagogue at 770.

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  1. Reb SM Rubashkin is a fine Chabad chosid, but a private citizen who holds no official position in Chabad. The Hachnosas Sefer Torah was a beautiful event, but was in no way connected to the Chabad organization or leadership. A nice gesture by individuals, but this was not a Chabad event.

  2. What is the big issue specifically here? Lubavitch honors OTD people all the time. It is a general issue, not just this one case.

    Dershowitz was brought up Modern Orthodox and left it.

    Joseph Telushkin, who Lubavitch sponsored to write his book on the late Rebbe, is someone brought up Modern Orthodox, and is now the spiritual leader of a non orthodox Temple in California. He is a frequent speaker for Lubavitch, who call him Rabbi, although his Temple is non orthodox, with a female cantor.

    Dennis Prager, like his friend Joe Telushkin, was brought up Modern Orthodox and now says he is not orthodox. He is also a speaker for Lubavitch

  3. I feel worst for the judgmental commenters than for Dershowitz.
    What an honor to have any Jewish soul be part of a Torah event.. besides he has enough respect for his religion to attend an orthodox event I doubt he is as bad as commenters note.

    Why is the title of this article PHOTOS ? I only see one pic and a video


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