Photos: Members of Neturei Karta Meet with Iranian Leaders to Slam Israel

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        • 1) Because you’re so cute when you’re angry.
          2) Because your comment was so brilliant that none could withstand it.
          3) Because we were running out of question marks and needed you to deliver a new batch.
          4) K’day sheyishalu…
          5) It wasn’t censored. It’s right there, in our special white font.
          6) Because it would make people laugh too hard during sefira.
          7) It’s being saved for a very special occasion. Like chol hamoed Purim.
          8) One of our servers is in the Bermuda triangle. Guess your post went there.
          9) That Washington Post reporter who’s eating his words? He’s using your post for seasoning.
          10) The Pulitzer Prize committee will release it for publication as soon as they are done with it.

    • Yes he submitted a cartoon which makes fun at his grandparents being led to the gas chambers
      שם רשעים ירקב

  1. And why in the world DO U HIGHLIGHT them.They love the attention they are getting. Maybe if we stopped showing them off they would disappear! Their whole purpose is camera time/ publiciy…At least we, here, a jewish site should ostracize them.
    What IS your purpose in highlighting them?
    They are making a Chillul Hashem, and that is not what you should be promoting as you are becoming a partner in their act!


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