Photos: RNC Board Meeting with the Heads of the NYC Sanitation Department at the Headquarters of Assemblyman Dov Hikind (JDN)

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  1. While Mr. Hikind is sitting with the heads of the sanitation dept. He should address the issue of over zealous sanitation cops. In the last month I got two sanitation tickets The first one was for non recycling. I live off !3th ave. People are always coming from one of the many nearby food establishments with cans, wrappers, cups etc. which they dump into my garbage cans. This is especially a problem on the days I put out my garbage for collection, All this garbage sits on top in plain sight of these cops. The same thing happened last week with what the cop called dirty sidewalk. The over zealous cop wrote for a few houses “I did observe papers, wrappers etc” looking at the tickets you would think you were in a landfill. I understand you want the sidewalks to be clean but in this case it was obvious that any wrappers or papers that were there could have blown there in the last few minutes. Personally I pick up the garbage in front of my house before I go to daven around 7 am When I came home 810 the cop was giving a $100 ticket to my house for a one page flyer from one of the local supermarkets fluttering on the sidewalk. These kind of tickets are unacceptable.


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