Photos: Yidden Begin Returning to Boro Park from the Catskills

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  1. Nobody in the pool
    Nobody in the shul
    Bunkhouses swept and emptied
    Kids and counselors back in school

    We have our memories
    Address books full of new friends’ names
    Learning groups and all-day trips
    Shabbos songs and baseball games
    Summer’s over; those eight weeks, they really flew
    I’ll never forget them and I’m sure you won’t, too

    Now the Sun goes down
    Earlier than yesterday
    The days are getting shorter
    Less time to go out to play
    The Catskill roads have emptied
    The New Yorkers have gone home
    Even though we’re packed together
    Somehow we feel alone

    Our summer memories
    Will last on and on
    Although the grass turns brown
    And August is long gone
    Already awaiting
    The time the school year ends
    When we’re back in camp
    Back with all our summer friends

  2. That poem was really something special – until the last part!

    Ani Maamin Beemuna Shleima Bvias Hamoshiach Vaf Al Pi Sheyismahmehya Im Kol Zeh Achake Lo Bchol Yom Sheyavo!


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