Plastic Bags to Be Banned in New York State

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New York State lawmakers have agreed to impose a statewide ban on most types of single-use plastic bags from retail sales, changing a way of life for millions of New Yorkers as legislators seek to curb an unsightly and omnipresent source of litter.

The plan, proposed a year ago by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, would be the second statewide ban, after California, which banned bags in 2016. Hawaii also effectively has a ban in place, since all the state’s counties bar such single-use bags.

New York’s ban, which would begin next March, would forbid stores to provide customers with single-use plastic bags, with some exceptions including food takeout bags used by restaurants, bags used to wrap deli or meat counter products and bags for bulk items. Newspaper bags would also be exempted, as would garment bags and bags sold in bulk, such as trash or recycling bags.

Read more at The New York Times.



  1. Shameful! New York is for the dogs! A.O.C. is surely complicit in fomenting this new wave of ridiculous, onerous difficulty on us all! This is her stupid Green New Deal envision!

  2. So, does that mean we can’t use garbage bags either! The NY Sanitation Department is going to collect trash that’s not in bags? Never! So, in essence, it is a tax!

  3. I usually Shabbos-shop on my way home from work, most often on Wednesday or Thursday nights after getting off the subway. Sometimes I carry as much as 40+ pounds of groceries, meat and poultry in 10 or more plastic shopping bags.
    Does this new law make that type of shopping a thing of the past? Will I now need to go home, pick up a shopping wagon or cloth bags, and then return to the avenue to shop? This would be a major tircha.


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