Police Fined For Jailing Chareidi Over Shabbos


A court in Natzrat fined the Israeli police 1,500 shekels for recently imprisoning a chareidi man over Shabbos without interrogating him beforehand to see whether there was good reason to connect him with an assault of which he was accused and eventually exonerated.

“We are speaking of a chareidi man who was forced to travel back and forth in a police van, to spend the night in prison, and to spend many hours behind lock and key,” his lawyer said.

The court rejected the police’s argument that the man was arrested due to circumstances that made him appear guilty.

“From the moment of his arrest until he was brought before a judge, no interrogation was made and no attempt was made to verify the suspect’s alibi,” the judge noted. “I am convinced that it has not been proven that there were reasonable grounds to make an arrest at that point in time.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. And the Police were fined … 1,500 Shekel (less than $400)? Is this supposed to be a deterrence? or is this some sort of a joke? And who is the benefactor of this fine, the city of Natzrat or the abused Chareidi man?
    What a sham(e).


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