Poll: Majority Of NYers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque


mosque-ground-zeroThe mosque controversy is broken down into numbers, with a new poll finding the majority of New Yorkers are opposed to a planned mosque near Ground Zero.

The Siena Research Institute polled 622 New Yorkers. Of those surveyed, 61 percent are opposed to the Islamic cultural center on Park Place, while 26 support the plan.

But 38 percent see both sides of the issue as legitimate.

{CBS Local/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Mayor Bloomberg and all those who want the mosque are guided by the same misguided political correctness that leads to airport security checks on 80 year old chassidishe and puertorican ladies while 25 year old middle eastern men are waived through because “we don’t do profiling”.
    Some obviously never learn !!

  2. Although in a regular sense both veiws would be legitimate, being that, 1 sees this as an infrigment on religiouse freedome, and the other sees this as a distress to hurt ppl. However in this particular case, it is different, besides if the accusations are true that the forerunners of this project are sort of unofficial terrorists, it is a known attribute to arab behavior to commit treacherouse misdeeds and then celebrate them, then claim they have the right to and their not celebrating the pain and blah blah blah. I personaly have seen video clips of arabs celebrating this specific incident, in my opinionin they should get out, and stay out!


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