PURE HATE: Appearing With Holocaust Denier at Saviours’ Day Event, Farrakhan Unleashes ‘Torrent of Attacks on Jews’

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The remarks of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and another speaker at Sunday’s Saviours’ Day event at the United Center in Chicago were rife with antisemitism, according to an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) report.

Farrakhan, the ADL noted, “unleashed a torrent of attacks on Jews, claiming that anti-black racism ‘was started by Jewish rabbinical leaders’ in ancient times, and that Jewish racism towards Africans is ultimately responsible for the ‘enslavement… colonization…dehumanization…[and] denial of self-determination’ to black people throughout history.”

The National of Islam leader “reiterated classic anti-Semitic beliefs about Jews and money, claiming for example that Jewish principles ‘have exploited the American people through institutional usury and predatory lending practices,’” the ADL said. “He rehashed the tired cliché that the federal reserve is run by ‘a family of rich Jews.’”

Referring to the controversy surrounding his ties with some of the heads of the Women’s March, Farrakhan claimed “the wicked Jews want to use me to break up the women’s movement,” according to the ADL account.

Before Farrakhan’s address, the crowd heard from Michael A. Hoffman II, described by the ADL as a “Holocaust denier and anti-Semitic ideologue.”

Hoffman, the ADL said, “suggested that ancient Jewish texts are equivalent to teachings ‘from the Church of Satan.’”

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  1. This almost black guy, Loony Farakahn is just a human pile of turd looking for attention because he’s not sure if he’s black or white or mocha. A real loser.

  2. And yet the fake news media covered up the famous picture of Obama smiling away with him, all the years of his Presidency. Obamas association with Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright has definitely helped mold him into the known anti semite he is today.

  3. He was born an angry child, never having known who fathered him. Then, he grew up to be a bitter angry adult man. Now, he is a bitter, angry, and vitriolic old man, who missed many a chance to meet Mohammad, in person. Hopefully, he won’t be long for this world.

  4. i wonder what a jew ever did to him to cause such hatred. probably nothing. the ‘hatred’ is what fuels his campaign to be some kind of savior and truth-teller. really, he is to be pitied because the only way he could get undereducated people to love him was to get them to hate someone else

  5. I heard that not long ago he was very sick.unfortunately, he enlisted the best Jewish doctors to save his life. Now that he is alive and breathing Jewish hatred, he wants to thank the people that saved him…..
    Next time he’s lying dying. I hope no good Jewish doctor will even go near him.


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