Rabbi Dovid Berg z”l

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It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the petirah of Rabbi Dovid Berg z”l.

Rabbi Berg, a resident of Lakewood, NJ, exemplified the quality of serving Hashem and others in the manner of hatzneia leches. He performed tremendous acts of chesed, even for people he didn’t know, quietly and purely. He never looked for any recognition and did whatever was needed without fanfare.

He was devoted to helping people make shidduchim and to finding people jobs, even at times when he was himself seeking a job.

Seemingly what motivated him was his unique ability to see the good in everyone. He was soft-spoken and interested in the needs of everyone else. He genuinely loved every Yid, no matter the stripe or type.

Reb Dovid cared deeply about kavod bais haknesses, always taking care and cleaning and doing the jobs nobody else wanted to do. And he did it happily and with a smile. He was particularly concerned with baal tashchis and would make sure that no food was thrown away. He would set aside any extra food for yeshivos and needy families.

Reb Dovid went through a kidney transplant and, despite his yissurim, never complained. He was always happy and positive. He had a musical neshamah, playing multiple instruments and composing songs, and even this was something he did privately.

Reb Dovid is survived by his wife, Mrs. Chavi Berg, and their 6 children.

Yehi zichro boruch.



  1. There are no words to describe his loftly nashemah .His love for all people,his kindness , his devotion to family,freinds,shul, and all even if he didn’t know you. His love of Torah and his straightness all just yusrous.What is the right thy to do and nothing less. May Hashem give strength to his beautiful family and help them .


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