Rabbi Moshe Weiss, Inventor of SoundBender, Passes Away

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Rabbi Moshe Weiss, a motivational speaker and the inventor of ‘SoundBender,’ which garnered an investment on ‘SharkTank,’ has passed away. He was 41 years old.

The Sound Bender accessory amplifies sound on the iPad.

The rabbi-turned-entrepreneur was seen on “Shark Tank” several years ago.

Proudly sporting a yarmulka and beard, he was seen entering the offices of the FUBU Collection to meet its owner and his business partner Daymond John.

“Who would have thought that a rabbi from St. Paul, Minnesota, would be flying down to New York City for a sales meeting with Daymond John,” Moshe said at the time.

His personal charm and ingenuity won him a $54,000 investment in his company from fashion mogul Daymond John in March 2013. The simple magnetic, power-free amplifier improves sound quality and clarity on iPad tablets.

Moshe, a Lubavitcher chossid who worked as a school teacher, saw great success from there. Read more about SoundBender here.

Rabbi Weiss away in his hometown of S. Paul, Minnesota.

A yeshiva student in his youth, he studied at Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad in Los Angeles and at the Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand. He later enrolled at University of St. Thomas to study special education. He taught at the now defunct Yeshiva High School of the Twin Cities located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

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  1. In the earliest footage he has a full beard. in the later video he appears to be losing a lot of his beard.

    How sad, he seemed like a sweet good man.

    Baruch Dayan Emess.

  2. @yudi I have never commented in my life. But you got to be an idiot for misinterpreting it in that messed up way “alteh bucher” was talking about the fact that he was losing his beard from his illness not as a religion reason. I am truly sorry you had a hard life

  3. TO YUDI: Talk about judging people! All “Alteh Bucher” was saying is that you can tell from seeing him on the videos how he was sick and losing his beard over time due to the sickness (or chemo/ other treatments). My goodness, you need to take a deep breath…

  4. OK thanks everyone for defending me, I do appreciate it.

    Obviously I meant that he is losing his beard because of chemo, possibly. I didn’t say shaving or cutting, I meant losing as in “not by choice“ , Primarily in the front area .

    However, I’m happy I mistakenly said it the way I did , so that we got to see who is “quick to judge”.

    As always , I remain… an…..

    Alteh Bucher 😉

  5. I knew him from Minnesota. He was an extremely special person. Outgoing in a pleasant way, with a smile that made you feel special in his presence. I’m crying thinking about him, and I’m not an emotional person.

  6. He didn’t have cancer! He wasn’t undergoing chemo! Nevermind what he had. You couldn’t be so far from the truth!!!!!
    To sit there and speculate what he had or didn’t have just boggles my mind! Why don’t you just comment on what a good person he was. Maybe say that you hope his family gets through the hard times. It is not easy

  7. It is sad day for me I just discovered the Man who inspired me to invent my Product has passed. How tragic this is. His smile and courage will last a life time for me. My God Bless and rest your soul Rabbi.


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