Rav Avigdor Miller on Rav Meir Kahane


What do you say about Rav Meir Kahane?

I’m not going to say much about him because I didn’t know him personally. But one thing I will say however. A shevach, a praise. I want to say one shevach about him.

He was the most outspoken critic of the Reform Jews who are plaguing the Jewish people here in America – and all over the world too. People don’t know that about him. He spoke against Reform Jews, against all the people who aren’t loyal to the Torah, more than anybody else. And that’s why he was hated. Don’t think he was hated so much because of his political views. He was hated by the establishment because he criticised the Reform and the Conservatives. He spoke so bitterly against them that it burned them up. And that’s a good thing! Nobody spoke up against the resha’im in the Am Yisroel like he did in the last forty-five years.
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What can learn from the killing of Rav Meir Kahane? 

Now, it’s too soon to learn lessons from this event. But one thing we can learn לא ידע האדם את עתו – A man never knows his time (Koheles 9:12). One never knows when his time will come to leave this world.

Here’s a young man, in the middle of life, and death was the furthest thing from his mind. But in Koheles it tells us that we should think about that. לא ידע האדם את עתו כדגים הנאחזים במצודה – Man does not know his time; we are like fish suddenly caught in a trap (ibid.). And therefore every person must constantly think, ישוב היום, I’d better hurry up and do teshuva today. Every person should do teshuva immediately.

And don’t think that what I’m telling you is a small lesson. When a young man in perfect health dies so suddenly and tragically, then at least that lesson everybody should learn. At least that! There are other things to learn too. But this is the minimum lesson that we should all learn.
TAPE # 806


  1. i stood a few feet away from the Rav ztl outside the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway at Rabbi Kahanes levaya
    p.s. Rav Miller didnt waste a minute of his time.
    in 66-67 lemisporum RK was a rabbi in howard beach . he would be mekaraiv kids and send them to yeshiva tiferes moshe where my father shlita was principal
    he started jdl a bit later
    he sat at the dias by the bar mitzva of myself and my brother shaya.

  2. Horav Meir Kahane, zikhrono livrokhoh, Hashem yinkom domo, devoted his life to the Jewish people. He lived a life of kiddush Hashem, and died al kiddush Hashem. He inspired a generation of Jews, myself included, to not be cowardly and frightened to display our Jewish identity. He instilled strength and pride in the Jews of Silence, throughout the Soviet Union, repeatedly getting arrested and suffering incarceration on their behalf. (My older brother Nathan fought in court for his right to be provided kosher food while in jail.) He stood up in Eretz Yisroel for our right to live safely throughout the Holy Land. May his memory be a blessing!

  3. Reform jet world. Give a dry look, get a small nurse. The world grows by industry and war.

    Yep, but Israel grows by kedusha. Total grave to see in and life. They congregate around stiff plans. The hate of neat holy life.


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