Rav Matisyahu Salomon at Camp HASC: “Chizuk for the Entire Year”


rav-matisyahu-hascThe excitement was palpable as Camp HASC was abuzz in anticipation of Rav Matisyahu and Rebbetzin Miriam Salomon’s visit on Erev Shabbos Nachamu. The gym was filled to capacity, with¬†banners and signs welcoming the Lakewood mashgiach back for his third visit to Camp HASC. As the mashgiach and rebbetzin entered, the band began a lively niggun, and hundreds of campers and staff members erupted in enthusiastic song, dancing in celebration of their honored guests.

The inspiring visit was facilitated by Mr. Abe Eisner, President of HASC Center’s Board of Directors. The mashgiach greeted campers and staff individually, and shared divrei chizuk, heaping praise on the camp and its staff:

“This is a makom of neshamos, and everything you are doing brings such nachas to the Ribbono Shel Olam,” he said.

“I’ve been look forward to coming for months,” he added. “This visit gives me chizuk for the whole year!”

The mashgiach complimented the staff’s “mesirus nefesh, dedication and love for these neshamos… You are ‘malachei hashareis’ and have a great zechus in caring for these precious neshamos.”

When approached by a group of staff members requesting a bracha, the mashgiach replied, “I should be asking you for a bracha! There is nothing greater that what you are doing.”

The inspirational Erev Shabbos gathering was highlighted by a special presentation to Rebbetzin Salomon, with campers giving freshly baked challos they had prepared lechavod Shabbos and in the rebbetzin‘s honor. Visibly moved by the campers’ gift, Rebbetzin Salomon tearfully hugged, kissed and patiently bentched the hundreds of female campers and staff.¬†

Welcoming the mashgiach and rebbetzin were Rav Shlomo Stern, Executive Director, Reb Shmiel Kahn, Camp Director, and Rav Ronn Yaish, Program Director. On hand, as well, was Reb Avrohom Banda, noted askan and owner of Pomegranate Supermarket.

Rav Judah Mischel, rov of Camp HASC, described the visit as “one of the highlights of our summer, an amazing display of kavod haTorah, achdus and ahavas Yisroel.”

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  1. I take issue with neshamos, neshamos, neshamos. These kids have a Guf also, maybe not like me or you, but their Guf has has just as much kedusha and worth.

  2. 1. Comment from Mehu
    Time August 4, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    I take issue with neshamos, neshamos, neshamos. These kids have a Guf also, maybe not like me or you, but their Guf has has just as much kedusha and worth.

    That was Rav salomon’s point that even though
    they are not well they are at least as valuable as us as they have Nishomos! (that are tahor)

  3. Thats the difference between you and Rav Matisyahu, he sees the essence while you have trouble seeing pest the guf even on ppl where it is so transparent.

  4. The neshomo is eternal and the guf is only for this world. These children has purer neshomos than ordinary people because they don’t have the same vices and pettiness that most of us have. They do mitzvos with more sincerity and devotion than most of us do. Their essence is neshomo while most of us are too much involved with material things.

  5. Rav mattisyahu knows how to give chizuk for an entire year! I was at the oneg shabbos for the lakewood shabbos of chizuk unbelievable!


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