Rav Shteinman’s Advice to a Single Girl in Shidduchim

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rav aharon leib shteinmanRav Moshe Yehudah Schneider, chavrusah and close confidant of Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman, recounted that an older single girl recently visited Rav Shteinman for a brachah. She explained that she’s been in the parsha of shidduchim for a while and has had no success in finding her basherte.

Rav Shteinman gave the girl a heartfelt brachah and then offered a piece of advice.

“Take upon yourself to support your future husband so that can spend his days immersed in Torah learning, and it will be a zechus for you,” said Rav Shteinman.

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  1. I’m sure R’ Shteinman’s bracha will be of help. But we all know many girls who have taken upon themselves to support a husband in learning and are still walking around single… In fact some have said that maybe there are more girls who want to support long term learners than there are long term learners.

  2. And yidl’s advice to older girls is to be more open to shidduch suggestions:
    As long as the boy is Shomer Torah u’Mitzvot and kovea Itim leTora, give him a chance.

  3. Any young lady can take that upon herself whether or not the young man she marries is prepared to do it. To be willing, even if only she knows about it , is itself a beautiful thing.


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