Rechnitz Hands Out $100 Bills to Yungeleit in Modi’in Illit


Yungeleit are most often financially-strapped, living frugally, with no money to spare. From time to time, however, they see some relief, like on Thursday, when noted Torah philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz surprised yungeleit with a distribution of money.

Rechnitz, who is currently in Eretz Yisroel, traveled to Modi’in Illit to be mevaker choleh his brother-in-law.

Upon leaving his brother-in-law’s house, he began heading toward Yerushalayim, but stopped a yungerman, handed him $100, and asked him to daven for his brother-in-law.

Rechnitz continued driving, making stops in various parts of the city, distributing money to yungeleit who happened to pass by, giving each one a $100 bill.

Rechnitz then boarded one of the bus lines in Modi’in Illit and continued to distribute money to every yungerman, wives of yungeleit, and others.

After he got off the bus, he met a blind boy who was waiting with his older sister. He gave them a $100 bill and told the boy to ask his father to buy him toys.

Rechnitz, it is said, gave out an estimated $25,000 to bnei Torah and their families on Thursday.

{ Israel}


  1. Wow! Reb SY should be benched with arichas yomim vishanim to continue his avodas hakodesh. The Yungerleit who are amal viyagia mitoch hatchak are keeping Kllal Yisroel alive and secure.

    • I agree! This will leave an indelible imprint on the beneficiaries of his kindness. The Gemara in Berachot teaches that Torah and Mitzvah need Chizuk. Everyone can benefit from Chizuk regardless of how it is given. If SY does it his way, he should also be given Chizuk! Hazak Ubaruch!

  2. יישר כחכם להאתר מצב ולר’ שלמה יהודה

    ממנו ילמדו וכן יעשו

    • why dont you ask yourselves how matzav got all these off the cuff stories? were they following him? you should ask yourself if yes then why?

  3. He should have offered them a job in his businesses. The Rambam says that one who lives off of tzedaka is a ganav.

    • What an am haaretz. So I guess you’ll say that all of shevet levi, 210 years in Mizrayim, were ganovim, including Moshe & Aaron. Apparently you are a wicked person who hates Bnei Torah and those that support them. Change your ways and do teshuva before you kick the bucket. How are you going to face and answer your maker?

  4. “What an am haaretz.”
    “Apparently you are a wicked person who hates Bnei Torah and those that support them.”

    Wow. With a “Chaver” like that, who needs enemies?


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