Reopening The Skies: Israel To Relaunch International Flights

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Prime Minister Netanyahu has instructed Minister of Tourism Miri Regev to prepare an outline for airplane trips from Israel to Cyprus, Greece, and other “green” states with low coronavirus morbidity rates.

In turn, Regev instructed the Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation Authority and National Aviation Network to quickly arrange an outline for reopening the skies with the Ministry of Health and National Security Council for approval by the Coronavirus Cabinet.

According to the operating plan formulated by the Ministry of Transportation, incoming passengers will be divided into those arriving from “green” and “red” countries, with those from “green” countries defined as having a low morbidity rate, required to quarantine for a period of just five days upon landing, and those from “red,” or high-risk countries, obliged to perform a virus check prior to boarding.

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  1. Why doesn’t Israel recognize the presence of IGg, or antibodies to Covid-19? Why must tourists who have proper documentation to show that they have antibodies remain in quarantine for the full 14 days?

    • First of all, antibodies mean nothing as a person can have the flu, I mean, coronavirus, more than once. Secondly, Israel is only opening up from countries who have fewer corona criminals or their country has been cleansed from those Cabal criminals.


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